It is forbidden to put in your profile data / or photos of a pornographic nature!

It is forbidden to send chain letters or spam using your mailbox. Using mailboxes, forums, comments to advertise any products, firms, services etc. is also forbidden

Threatening, offensive or indecent content is forbidden, be it in public forum, private messages, picture comments or usernames. Distributing religious beliefs, racist propaganda or other unethical and illegal activities are also forbidden. you have to remain polite, when communicating with other users.

Punishments will be made in accordance to the level of the violation. A warning may be made by a moderator if the violation is unintentional and easy. You cannot protest against the warning or note made by a moderator. If the violation is heavier, the account will be blocked without a warning and without a chance to get it back. Virtual currency, remaining locked on the user account Qollga.com, no return.

Those who do not agree with the rules, please do not use the site Qollga.com